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steal_yourcrown's Journal

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i may not know it
but these are the moments
that i'm gonna remember most
just gotta keep goin'

'cause there's always gonna be another mountain
i'm a l w a y s gonna wanna make it move
always gonna be an up-hill battle
sometimes you're gonna have to l o s e


drink up! last call before the s u n r i s e sets the scene
of empty bottles; heavy hearts,
the memories of broken d r e a m s
we were so t i r e d yet so alive
wrapped up in lies like sheets of another one night stand
you know you left the girl with nothing but..

sunrise through the window pane, where tired eyes will close
s t a y seventeen; the party scene has got the best of me &you

i know she hopes I c h o k e on this last drink,
drop dead before my influence gets to her head
she said "i'll love you forever, or find something better"


"be young be dope be proud"





: come and see. i swear by now i'm playing time, i against my troubles, i'm coming slow but speeding. do you wish a dance and while i'm in the front the play on time is won. oh, but the difficulty is coming here... i will go in this way. and find my own way out. i won't tell you to stay. but i'm coming too much more. me all at once the ghosts come back reeling in you now. oh, what if they came in crashing? i used to play for all of the loneliness that nobody notices now. i'm begging slow i'm coming here.... oh i'm waiting. i wanted to stay. i wanted to play. i wanted to love you... i'm only this far. and only tomorrow leads my way. i'm coming waltzing back and pushing into your head. please, i wouldn't pass this by. oh i wouldn't take any more than what sort of man goes by. i will bring water. why won't you ever be glad? it melts into wonder. i came in praying for you. why won't you run into the rain and play? and let tears splash all over you.

thanks souvents