smash. (steal_yourcrown) wrote,

new journal -- 001

friends only. comment to be added.
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Heyy! Add me? =0)
Hahaha...We're using the same picture for our icons!
I LOVE MARIO! *dies* nice to meet you T_T Most people are just like, "Mario who?" *sigh*
Ah, cool! Yeah I think he's great.. I never knew who he was until I turned on Wimbledon this year!
please, add me :)
i found your lj through an AE community.
add me?..
hey we have some things in common, mind if i add you? <33 cath
hello ashley.
this is jessica.
this is my new username.
add me.
bye. <3

hey! its __flyinghorses. just got a new lj! add me? :D
heyy~ add me?? xOx
I saw you in a community, add me?

Deleted comment

Sure! &Join kingofprussia_ :)
add me babe? <33
add me? I am a huge Hilary fan!
im kind of new to this, we seem to have some stuff in common. add me?


March 14 2005, 03:08:00 UTC 11 years ago

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join now.

If this offends you in any way shape or form comment back and I will delete it immediatly, if you do however decide to apply then please give credit to me for this referall
i'm already in it, of course.
add me?
ashley! add me! this is jessica! my new journal! yay!
hey, luv the friends only banner, v. cute!
if you want, add me

yea sure!
We're in spoiled girls and ohnotheydidnt together. Will you add me>?
I know I am older than you are but I LOVE Lindsay Lohan.So we have something in common.I just added you.
omigosh do you like skye sweetnam, just say why conform without a fuss? and thought of skye sweetnam.

i found you're username in a comm...i don't remember what one...but i like your icon!

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♥Short Application
♥Honest,Active Memebers
♥New memebers everyday
♥Fun Fun Fun
you're hawt?you apply!
hey its kissmeimirish_,
add me? :)
hah yeah, adding :)
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